Will I ever feel whole again?

When we lose a precious person from our lives, we lose a piece of ourselves. And we wonder, will I ever be whole again? Will I ever feel truly alive again? Those are legitimate questions. There is an answer. Yes, we can feel whole again. We can carry the memory of our loved ones with us in a treasured place in our hearts. We can move forward with life, not move on without them but forward with their memory. Sometimes, we equate moving forward with leaving behind those people who have been so precious to us. It is not necessary to leave them behind. We must recognize that our relationship with them has changed. Our love for them and our memories with them live on. We will never be completely whole again, because they will forever be missing from our present lives. We can, however, live and love and laugh freely and well again. We will never, this side of heaven, be whole, but we can once again live wholly. I hope this message makes some sense to you and brings a sense of peace.

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