Who you gonna call?!

Please pardon the “Ghostbusters” reference. Got your attention though didn’t it? My father was the one responsible for all home maintenance stuff. For anything he could not do himself, he knew who to call. Four years ago, I came suddenly into responsibility for said household maintenance with no idea how to fix a garage door, jump start a lawn mower or fix a leaky pipe and no idea who did know such things. I had NO intention of calling my younger brother for rescue every time something broke. So, I needed some resources of my own. I remembered the name of the a/c guy Pop used to install all of our heating and air conditioning appliances, so he went on my list. My brother knows a contractor for minor repairs on the garage doors and other “stuff” like that, so Wayne’s guy went on my list. I found plumbing and septic service folks who are wonderful. I have built a list of resources, people I call on when I have no clue how to fix my present problem. It greatly reduces the stress of the moment to know where to get help. Make your list. It is worth it!

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