What now?!

It is true that life as we once knew it is over. A piece of our heart has gone. So, what now? My therapist speaks of re-investing in life. She means finding a way to engage in the activities that interest you now. Before the accident, I had no reason to speak or write about grief. First, I had no real interest in the subject. Second, I would not have known what I was talking about. The now me has some knowledge and investment in grief. I can share with you and with others what I have learned. I am deeply interested in caring for those hurting people in the world. I believe grief has deepened my ministry, as I am able to reach out to a new community. What speaks to your heart today? It may be something in which you have always been interested. It may be something totally new. Only you can choose when, whether and how to re-invest in life. I pray you will be blessed as you make those choices.

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