Unfinished conversations

                My father and I loved each other deeply. When we got angry with one another, we talked or sometimes yelled it out. When he died, I do not believe we had any unfinished conversations. There are about 10,000 hugs I still want to give him and receive from him, but no unfinished conversations. Mom and I were different. We had many difficult conversations, and there were others in which we never engaged. It always seemed there would be time later to have those conversations. It seemed too soon for some. And now, that opportunity is gone. I regret those conversations never finished, those reconciliations still unmade. Today, my invitation and perhaps challenge to you is to hold those difficult conversations with the ones who remain. Do not subject yourself to the regret of a survivor…I wish I had just told her. I wish I had forgiven this offense. I wish I had asked forgiveness. What if you were to die first? Would you want your loved one to carry those regrets? I will not promise the conversation will be easy. I promise the conversation is worth having. Peace.

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