Unfinished business

            It is sort of funny. Back in July, I wrote blog posts from August First through January Second. As I got ready to send the collection of posts in for publication, I noticed one was not done. It was this one on unfinished business. Often whether our loss is expected or sudden, we get caught with things left unsaid, hugs ungiven, forgiveness not yet offered. In short, we have unfinished business with the one we love. Some journal about the things we wish we had said to or heard from our precious one. Some write letters to express the love we never articulated. How do we offer or receive forgiveness from the one who is gone? That can be very challenging. Often our need for forgiveness involves forgiving ourselves and trusting that they would have forgiven us too. We would all love the chance to say or hear, “I love you,” just one more time. Remember the times that love was expressed and know that it is still there. I held a lot of unforgiveness related to some church situations from my youth. There is no need to go into detail, but I still harbored resentment. I undertook a “forgiveness tour.” I visited each of the churches. They were empty at the time which made my mission easier. As I sat outside, I prayed that I would be able to forgive the offenses done to me there and that I could be forgiven for the offenses I had done. Forgiveness requires God’s help. We usually cannot do it on our own. At the end of that tour, I felt so relieved. I invite you, when you are ready, to undertake a forgiveness tour of your own to finish the unfinished business. It is year end, a time to think of closure in preparation for new beginnings. Just a thought. God bless you!

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