Suicide warning signs

I know these are heavy topics. September is Suicide Awareness and Prevention Month. We are doing what we can to raise awareness and care for one another.

A painful loss or event may trigger suicidal thoughts and risk. Other factors include: 1) talking about self-harm, suicide or wanting to die. 2) Looking for means to die. 3) Talking of hopelessness, helplessness or having no reason to live. 4) Feeling trapped. 5) Increased drug or alcohol use; some use these methods to try to dull the pain. 6) Reckless behavior, not caring about living. 7) Depression signs like sleeping too little or too much. 8) Withdrawing from others and shutting down. 9) Extreme anger. 10) Giving away personal treasures and making last arrangements. 11) Leave-taking, saying goodbye to loved ones. A sudden change from these depressed behaviors to a showing of peace and calm may indicate that the decision to die has been made and the plan is imminent. None of these factors alone mean a person WILL attempt suicide, but they all indicate a risk. The more factors you see, the greater the danger is. I pray you may offer help and hope to a friend in need. Blessings.

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