Stolen sense of safety

Nearly two years ago, a burglar kicked in my front door and stole a bunch of personal stuff. It was bad enough that he took from me, but he also got some of the things my brother had left at the house. On top of that, he stole some things of Mom and Pop’s, things my brother and I had not yet sorted through in their estate. The worst thing that burglar did was steal my sense of safety. My home had been the one safe place I had known I could count on since Mom and Pop died. Now it was no longer secure. I realized that my parents’ accident had originally stolen my sense of safety. We were a team, and now they are gone. At the time of the burglary, I was just beginning to feel safe and a bit independent again after two years. One kicked in front door and that sense of safety vanished. The good news is that even after that violation, that burglary, my sense of safety has returned to a degree. Even when we have a major loss and the entire world seems like a dangerous place, a sense of peace and safety do eventually return. They do not return as quickly as we would like, but they do return. May God grant you peace on your journey.

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