Sometimes they come back

Stephen King has a story called “Sometimes they come back.” A child witnesses his brother’s murder by a gang. Over time, all of the gang members die.  The child grows up. The gang members are resurrected, as only Stephen King can conjure, and they come after the surviving brother. To drive these demons away, the young man summons a stronger demon, one who appears to be his dead brother. This demon overcomes the others. The spell book warned, and the “brother” demon repeats, “Sometimes they come back.” That is a long-winded and completely fictional introduction to say that sometimes grief comes back. Emotions, traumas and pain we thought we had processed completely come back for an encore. We must deal with them again. Often, it is our next loss that summons the monsters of our past losses. As we grieve the present loss, the old loss sometimes comes back. We face not only our present grief but those past losses as well. When we recognize that we are dealing with both past and present loss, we can seek God’s intervention. Grief comes back, but God can overcome it. May you find peace on the journey.

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