Slow Down!!

            On my road trip, I got into some of the snaky, curvy Missouri roads after sunset. It was dark. The road was unfamiliar. Some sections were poorly marked. It was necessary to slow down in order to arrive safely at my motel. Not to mention the fact that I was very tired, having spent five hours in the auto mechanic’s shop before beginning my six-hour drive. Because I was so tired, I wanted to push the speed and get to the pillow waiting for me in the motel. Pushing that hard, driving that fast on unfamiliar roads would have been dangerous. I think you will readily see the grief metaphor. We are traveling a road we do not know. There are curves in unexpected places, and we often come upon them in the dark. We are so tired of feeling so low that we just want the journey to be over. So, we push. We try to go faster on these curvy, unknown, poorly marked roads of grief. It is dangerous to push too hard and drive ourselves too fast. Grief requires that we slow down and fully experience it. Slow down. It is okay to take the road of grief as it comes to us. We are not in control. God is, and God rides this curvy, unknown road with us.

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