Resurrection or mere resuscitation?

In a Bible study at my church, the author asked us to consider the difference between resurrection and resuscitation. He claims our desire is more often for resuscitation than for resurrection. Resuscitation is a restoration of the life that was withal of the brokenness which still exists and all of the old wounds and the ancient hurts. In resurrection, there is new life. The old broken life is gone, replaced by health and wholeness. When my parents died, I actually wanted resuscitation more than I wanted resurrection. I wanted the life that I had known with them back. Instead, Jesus gave me a new life, one where I remember my parents and our life together with joy. It is a new life where I have new opportunities for life. The broken parts of that former life are gone but do still linger in my memory. My prayer for you, in the midst of loss, is resurrection and a new life of joy and peace. I pray you will be unwilling to settle for mere resuscitation.

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