Re-investing in life

At my first visit with a grief counselor, she said, “One day, you will re-invest in life, but you are not nearly ready to do that.” What did she mean by re-invest in life? When I went to see her, my life was in tatters. I had no plans for a future, nothing I really enjoyed anymore, and very little hope for improvement. I went to her to find some sense of hope. My hobbies, vacation spots, favorite restaurants, were all things I shared with my precious ones who are gone. My counselor said that one day I would choose hobbies, vacation spots, restaurants that were mine. I would find joys that were mine. I would find hope that was mine. And she was right, but it did not come to me immediately. It may not come to you immediately, but do not give up hope. One day, you will find yourself interested in life again. That will be a very good day. You will find yourself eager to attend a concert or visit the family. That will be very good. You will say to yourself, “Someday I want to….” And you will begin to make plans again. You will have re-invested in life. It may not be soon, but it will come. Hang on.

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