Re-invest in life

In my first visit, my grief counselor promised me that one day I would be able to re-invest/re-engage in life again. She also acknowledged that I was nowhere near ready to do that yet. She was so right on both counts. I was not ready. I was so wrapped up in my loss that I could scarcely even imagine ever looking forward to anything again. Time has passed. My counselor and I have had some deep conversations. Through these and prayers of friends and family, God has been at work, healing me. The process is not and may never be complete this side of heaven, but healing has begun. I have begun to take photographs again, something my father and I loved to do together. I have begun to write. As Juanita promised me, I offer you; one day you will be able to re-invest in life. You may not be ready yet, but that day of healing with come. Hold on.

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