There is no law that requires us to keep holiday traditions the same as we always have. In fact, we are not required to keep holidays at all. It may be too difficult to do the Christmas traditions we did with our precious ones. In fact, I have not decorated my house for Christmas in three years, since the accident. I only decorate my office because it is expected. And even then, it is with a simple “Charlie Brown” tree. Christmas decorations were a huge part of my mom’s Christmas celebration, and decorating without her here hurts. I do other things at Christmas. I go to my brother’s house and spend time with his family. We don’t do the turkey and trimmings but a more simplified meal. This reduces the prep time and increases the family time we deem more important. On the other hand, some traditions are important. My father always made a bean salad his mother had made. Pop was the only one in the family who liked it, but he made it in honor of Grandma. My brother still makes it in honor of Pop, because it has become important. The important thing is to find or create a tradition around the holidays and birthdays and anniversaries that feels right or brings comfort. Keep those traditions. Toss the rest. God bless you in this often-difficult season.

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