Melt-down moments

            So, maybe I was a bit unrealistic about the amount of time I needed for active grieving. A month after my parents died, I was headed to the church to conduct a board meeting. As the pastor, I was expected to pray at the beginning of every meeting. I had stopped at Sonic for my ever-present Rte. 44 Iced Tea and something to eat. I found that I had a little extra time and decided to eat in the park. I had no more than stopped the car when tears burst forth like fountains. I could not see. I could not stop crying. I was completely overwhelmed. I had the presence of mind to text a friend, asking her to give the opening prayer. Then I sat, trying to regain my composure. When I was settled, I drove out to the church. I was not really “present” that night, but physically, I was in the room. I don’t recommend my resolution to my melt-down moment. Realistically, I probably should have gone home instead. I have this compulsion to take care of everybody but myself. I encourage you to accept that melt-down moments will come. And when they do, I ask you to take care of yourself. As my friend who offered the prayer told me, “the world will not come to an end if you miss one meeting.” You alone know what you need in those melt-down moments. Take time to take care of yourself. Please!

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