I sometimes see them in me

Do you ever have that moment when you catch yourself doing or saying something just like your precious one used to say it or do it? I love those times. It reminds me that my love for them goes on. It does not say that they are still here with me. I do not believe they are. I believe that Mom and Pop are in heaven, in peace and in unbounded joy. I am waiting to join them. I don’t think they are concerned about the things or people of this life anymore. We will be together again one day and in that day there will be joy. I digress. The theme was seeing our beloved in ourselves. I have a renter who farms my land for me. He would never speak with my Mom but would talk for hours with Pop. I think Mom intimidated him a little bit to be honest. When he comes by to give me an update or have me sign off on a report, we talk at length. I think I remind him more of Pop than of Mom. It makes me proud to think someone sees Pop in me. It is good to carry on the things we loved about our precious ones. Peace.

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