How long?

I  so wish I could tell you that in six weeks, six months, even six years, your life would be complete again. I haven’t lied to you in the first two years of this blog, so I won’t start now. I often wonder how long it will be before I can think of my precious parents with only joy. How long until I can pass on the tears? How long does grief last? Grief takes as long as it takes. For those of us who have tried to stuff grief and soldier on, it will probably take longer. For those of us who try to ignore or deny grief, it will have its day. And remember that in Scripture a day is as a thousand years. I think the best thing we can do with grief is to allow it to come as it will, to learn to live with it, to learn its lessons. Grief will not ultimately be denied. Be kind to yourself as you grieve in your own way and time.

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