Hope returns

I frequently visit and contribute to a website called Quora.com. People submit questions and others offer answers in a variety of fields. Quality of writing, both of questions and answers, varies widely. One question struck me as something to share with you. The question was, “what is the most tragic thought”. My immediate response was hopelessness. When we have suffered a terrible loss, it is often compounded by a loss of hope. All the memories we had hoped to make are gone. The plans we had hoped to accomplish together are ours alone now. Hopelessness is a deep darkness and hurt. I lived there for a long time after my great loss. I have personal evidence that hope, which once seemed so far away, does return. God is good and restores our hope, sometimes when we least expect it. Hope returns. The joy of living does return. Hang on. God is good and loves you dearly.

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