For me, one of the heaviest weights of grief has been a strong sense of guilt. Couldn’t I…Shouldn’t I have found some way to prevent the accident, some way to save them? Guilt, especially survivor guilt, is often a failure to communicate between our hearts and our minds. Our minds know the truth, that the death would have occurred regardless of our actions. Our hearts, though… our hearts need to hold somebody accountable. And we dare not blame the one who is gone for leaving us. I don’t have an answer for guilt, I mean there is the ultimate answer, that God wipes all our sins and errors away. But, I still don’t have that answer for I know I should not feel guilty, but I still do. We have to trust that our having survived our precious one means that there is still a purpose God has for our lives. That God still has something for us to do. Maybe our precious ones have finished their work and earned their rewards. It is not yet time for us to join them. Acknowledge that you feel guilty for having survived. Feel all the feelings that come with that. Only then can you find peace.

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