Most families have that one person who calls everybody together from time to time. You know the one? Usually she will prepare a meal and call the family together. Through her work, the family is one unit even though in different branches and different homes. The day comes when this glue who has held the family together is no longer here. What do we do now? Sometimes, another family member steps in to the role but sometimes not. Will the family connections simply disintegrate? When the original glue, often Mom, is no longer here to hold us together, we need to be very intentional about our relationships. My brother and I do not see one another as often as we did when Mom was alive, but we make special effort to see each other, call and text. And every call, text and gathering ends with “I love you,” all around. Even without the original glue, we choose to stick together. May God bless you with a “sticky” family.

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