From the time we are children, we fear the unknown. And now, everything in our life seems different, sinister, unknown. It is perfectly normal to feel fear. My beloved used to take care of x, y and z. I don’t even know how to do x, y and z. Now, what am I going to do? When we have become so accustomed to vacationing, living and dining with someone, how do we now do any of these things alone? Normal daily life can be fearsome. What if I fall off the step ladder while trying to change a lightbulb? Who do I call for help? All of these things can induce fear, normal, perfectly rational fear. So, the answer is to plan. If I do not know how to do x, y and z, do I know someone who does know, who can teach me? I have found travelling alone to be very rewarding. It works for me though as an introvert. You may instead find a friend who would also like to travel. You could share experiences and expenses. This may open up a whole new world. If dining out is fearsome, call a friend. Most of the things we fear, because they are unknown, can be made known with planning. It may take us longer to get certain things done, but we can do this. God bless you with a sense of peace.

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