Don’t compare griefs

Since your loss, have you ever heard this attempted condolence, “at least he lived a long life?” Or, “at least you didn’t lose a child”. Or, maybe, “you got to spend fifty years together, what about those who newlyweds who died?” Grief is NOT a competition! When my parents died, I experienced the worst pain of my life. Your great loss is the worst thing in yours. I don’t get to claim double sympathy because Mom and Pop died together. That does not make me “Super-Griever,” da ta da da! Rather than comparing and competing over who has lost more, we would be better served to find the commonality in our loss. Maybe we should seek to understand one another as fellow travelers on a journey none of us ever wanted to take. Isn’t that better than my loss is worse than your loss? I am truly sorry you are grieving. I hope that one day you will find peace. God bless you!

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