Do we really believe?

This question was posed to me recently, “If we truly believe that we will be reunited in heaven with the ones we have loved, what is it that we are grieving?” If we grieve, do we truly believe in resurrection into eternal life?  Second question first, YES! Yes, we can believe and do believe in resurrection and still grieve. We grieve, not that we will never see our beloved again but that we miss them desperately now. The moments we would have shared with them are diminished by being ours alone.

In May, we celebrated the high school graduation of my niece. We celebrated her. We honored her. We love her. And at the same moment, we missed my folks. Grammie and Grampa would have been in the front row, cheering, loving Dara. We all knew that. We all missed that. We still celebrate, and as we celebrate, we miss them. Scripture says, we do not mourn as those who have no hope. The Scripture does not say we are prohibited from mourning, just not as those with no hope. Blessings as you celebrate a new year and mourn the time between now and our eternal reunion.

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