I have not written about the grief associated with Covid 19 in this space. I have been remiss. Some grieving people were in a recovery period of their grief when the virus went to pandemic levels. Suddenly, the hope we had begun to feel went away again, and we were not really sure why. Those who have contracted Covid 19 or lost someone to the virus have my deepest sympathies. Those who have not been physically personally touched by the virus may still be experiencing Covid Grief. At this time, you do not need to be a superhero, in fact just functioning or even barely functioning in light of your grief and the pandemic is heroic. Right now, do whatever is necessary to care for yourselves and those you love. Recognize that the despair, the anger, the depression, the denial that look so familiar from grief may be rooted in the Covid 19 environment. Whatever self-care looks like for you, please be intentional about it. May God bless you and heal our world of Covid and the grief it brings. Amen!

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