Chai Grace

            My therapist likens God’s grace to ice cream. First, most of us really like ice cream. Second, even when we are full after supper, we can make room for ice cream. Juanita says ice cream fills in the gaps and covers everything over in yummy. I like that image of grace- that there is always room for grace in our lives. Grace covers over everything in our lives and makes it better. This ice cream grace inspired another metaphor for me. I love hot Chai tea. It has the same good properties of ice cream; always room, fills in the gaps, covers everything with yummy. Chai has the added benefit of being hot. It warms us as it does all these other wonderful things. Maybe it was just me and the fact that my parents died in February, a cold, cold February, but at the graveside I despaired of ever feeling warm again. That coldness was both physical and emotional. Would I ever feel warm again? The grace of God fills us up with good things and warms us, filling in our broken places and making things better. May you experience the Chai Grace of God today!

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