Celebrate with me

Two weeks after Mom and Pop’s accident, the speaker at a clergy meeting talked disaster relief. He kept repeating that people in disaster situations needed to know that they would have to find a “new normal.” I did not believe then that a new normal was even possible for me. How could life ever be normal again? Nothing was right. Everything in my life was broken. What is new normal? Today, following a whirlwind week, I realized that the emotions I was feeling were peace, satisfaction, contentment and self-confidence. Each of these has been sorely lacking in me over the past four and one half years. I feel a sense of peace that I am where I belong; I am doing the work of ministry I am called to do. There is peace in knowing where we belong. I feel a sense of satisfaction that I was able to complete the daunting week of travel last week, and at the end to teach a day-long course on preaching funerals. I feel a satisfaction that I am serving a congregation I love who love me back. I am content. It feels good to be me right now. I have always been able to portray self-confidence. Since Pop and Mom died, I have not felt confident, but I have shown an appearance of confidence. Today, I feel confident that I have the trust and respect of my peers, my colleagues in ministry, and my clients.  I did not come to this place alone. The love and prayers of dear friends have carried me. God’s presence has sustained me. My doggone Diehm tenacity has made me push on even when I wanted to quit.  For me, “normal” is a moving target. A new normal will be also. Dark moments will come again, because grief does not ever end or make a permanent retreat. For now, I take these beautiful days of peace, satisfaction, contentment and confidence with gratitude. May God bless you on your journey, with these same treasures. May you find your new normal.

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