Being different

Grief is not exclusive to survivors. There are other forms of grief. One we may not acknowledge is the grief of being different from our peers. A few weeks ago, we spoke of Hermey and Rudolph, the misfits. Do you remember the story of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer? One night, Hermey and Rudolph spent the night on the Island of Misfit Toys. They learn that as living beings, they are not allowed to stay there. Even among misfits, they are misfits. I wept as I watched Rudolph sing what might have been my childhood anthem. I was shy. I am an introvert. I was studious. I did not, in any way, fit among my peer group. I have since learned that this sense of inability to belong was a form of grief. It is okay to feel like a misfit. Remember that another term for different might be extraordinary. Perhaps, like Rudolph, the thing that makes you different also makes you very, very special. There is a community for you. May God bless you as you seek it and find it.

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