Before and After

            Maybe this one is just for me. I know that I did not realize I was living in “before” until “after.” I did not realize that on February 22, 2015, the way I would view the world would forever change. Life, for me at least, is characterized as “before the accident,” and “after the accident.” Before, it was possible to pick up the phone at any time and speak with Mom and Pop. Before, we were able to share meals and laughter and get on each other’s nerves. Before, we had all the time in the world. And we did not know it. After, I have memories of the times we had together, but we can make no new ones. After, I wish we had… After, I realize the treasure of the time we had together. Still, in this new world of after, it is also a land of before. I want to treasure my remaining family, my church family and my friends before before becomes after. I want to live and enjoy life while that option is still available to me. Even in a land of after, there is still hope; there is still life. We must treasure now…before.

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