Beautiful reminders

It has been nearly five and a half years since my parents died. Some days things come up that remind me of them. Last night, as I watched tv, I was reminded powerfully of a comment Mom sometimes made while people watching. It made me smile. Sometimes those small special memories bring tears, and that is perfectly okay. Sometimes those special memories bring a joyful smile. Sometimes, they simply bring peace. Each reaction is normal. Each reaction is good. I treasure those small precious moments. An example is when I am driving. My thermometer in the car shows a steep change in temperature in a short period of time. My father would always say if the temperature was increasing as we were southbound, “Well, we are getting closer to the Equator.” He also spoke of moving further from the Equator if the temperature dropped. Recently, between Paola and Spring Hill, there was a seven-degree temperature drop. I smiled and said, “yes, Pop, I am headed away from the Equator.” It means nothing to anyone but me, and that is okay too. May you be blessed with those small special memories today. Peace.

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