At least

 I seem to be continuing on an earlier theme of uncomfortable words of comfort. Any words of consolation that follow the phrase, “at least,” only serve to minimize the experience of the grieving person. “At least” seems to say to us that we have no real right to grieve, because “x” reason. While there is no one always right word to offer comfort, some are almost always bad. I would recommend using words other than “at least.” Perhaps, “I am grateful for the time you had together.”  It beats, “At least you had them with you for sixty years.” Or, “I hope you and your other children will be able to comfort one another.” Much better than, “at least you have other children.” I think it is important that we try to hear the words we say before we say them. If it would hurt when said to you, it is probably best not to say it to someone else. Peace.

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