Ask your questions

I have come to realize that there are many things I do not remember about the day my parents died. These are things I want to know and that I need to remember. I have begun to ask my questions of friends who may hold the answers. Many have said that this need is unhealthy. Some say it is a crutch to avoid moving on. In fact, I need to know the answers I can find. I need to remember what I can. I am not trying to bring them back to life or to avoid acknowledging that they are gone. I just need to know. Sometimes, that need makes no sense to anyone but me. There are questions you may need to ask that make sense to no one but you. Ask them. Find the answers if you can. It is normal to have questions, memories that hide just beyond your ability to recall. It is okay to ask your questions. It is all part of the healing process. May you find the answers you need.

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