Scripture tells us, “In your anger, do not sin.” This tells us something very important. It tells us that being angry is not by itself a sin. Sinful anger would lash out at someone else to hurt them. Sinful anger would have us self-harm. Sinful anger causes us to do harm. Remember that when Jesus cleansed the Temple, he was exceedingly angry. His was the anger of one who cannot tolerate wrong-doing and injustice. Jesus was angry, and we know that he never sinned. Do not hold yourself guilty if, in your grief, you become angry. It was difficult for me to acknowledge I was angry at God for allowing my parents to die in the way they did. I, the preacher, was not “supposed” to get angry, least of all at God. Yet, when we read the Psalms, we see a man angry with God. David was angry with God and each time after releasing that anger, he proclaimed the glory of God. It is okay to be angry that the one you love is gone. It is okay to be angry with God for allowing it to happen. It is even ok to be angry with them for leaving. Anger is a normal response to a terrible event. “In your anger, sin not.” May God bless you with peace during this difficult time.

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