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Brenda Doerfler Founder & CEO

Our founders’ journey through grief & tragic losses greatly influenced the creation of Grief Comfort Inc. No two people grieve a loss in the same way. Grief Comfort was established to educate people about different grieving experiences & how to cope and heal through the loss.

Diverse life losses bring a season of mourning, a broken heart and a grieving process, which in turn can cause emotional, mental, physical or spiritual confusion to the healthiest of individuals. Grief Comfort is reaching out to help those experiencing loss find hope & healing.

Our Vision

To help people process grief and tragic loss in a healthy educational manner and restore broken lives with renewed hope and transformed life perspectives.

Our Mission

Grief Comfort embraces individuals going through the grieving process and suffering tragic losses in life. Through our group support and educational format those experiencing grief make significant assessments about their life, progress toward healthy recovery, rebuild their identity and find new meaning in life.

Our Value Statement

Grief Comfort values the Christian principles of comforting and nurturing those mourning in the community, no matter their faith background or religious affiliation. The aim of our organization is to minister through love, support, and education. Christ’s love is our model to demonstrate his grace and healing to the brokenhearted and for all who experience loss. We use proven transformative learning theory as our model to restore healthy life perspectives.



19 E. Wea St. P.O. Box 334 
Paola, KS 66071


Mon-Fri: 8:00a – 5:00p
Sat: Closed
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(913) 424-6243