A New Year; a New Chance

            We have just opened the new calendar. It is 2019. A new year. New beginnings. We make resolutions on how we want to live. Isn’t that just like grief? When my parents died, I became the pastor of the church Mom had served for 17 years. On the attendance and offering page of the church notebook, someone drew a line between Mom’s final Sunday and my first. The caption read, “a new era begins.” I am so grateful to the wonderful person who made that entry. The church could have looked back at the 17-year pastorate they had lost, and we did some of that. It was necessary to grieve. We also looked forward to a new pastor (me), a new era of ministry, and a new life together. As we grieve the precious ones we have lost, we come to a time of new beginnings and new opportunities. We grieve the lost and look to the future. We do not dishonor our lost precious ones by continuing to live. In fact, we honor them with our new lives. We never forget, but we continue to live. God bless you as you enter this new year with new hope and new possibilities!

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